In early April from 3rd to 5th, the concert halls of Žilina will welcome world music bands from Finland, Hungary and Slovakia. The World Music Festival, which annually brings various pieces of music stemming from traditions, is approaching.

Having grown into a habit in the last five years in spring in Žilina, since April 3, music lovers of different cultures can again enjoy a festival full of quality and immensely varied music.

 3rd April 2019 Rosenfeld palace, Stanica Žilina Záriečie

The first day of the event will be devoted to the Slovak traditions. It will start with a Workshop on Pastoral Traditions at 3 pm in the Rosenfeld Palace and will be led by a musician, singer, enthusiast and musical instrument collector Michal Smetanka. As he says on his website: “The creativity of “producing” and the diversity of sounds used by our ancestors seem to be unlimited and brilliant.” The workshop will cast light on musical instruments of the Carpathian region focusing mainly on aerophones – the brass instruments that dominate among the Carpahtian instruments. It will refer to the different kinds of aerophones coming from Moravia, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, the borderlands up to Romania. Workshop participants will also be given an opportunity to play these instruments.

On April 3, 19:00, Michal Smetanka will also perform and present his multi-instrumental art in Stanica Záriečie. Thereafter, the audience will be blown away by the band named Banda and its version of the Slovak musical tradition. The band has recently released its third album called Telegraph. After a very successful Slovak tour celebrating its launching, the band will bring the best of it to Žilina during this evening. Banda is a six-member vocal-instrumental group of professional musicians, mainly folklorists, who use their rich vocals with respect to traditions and local peculiarities but in a totally original way.

4th April 2019 New synagogue Žilina

The second evening of the festival will bring an interesting fusion of musical cultures. At 7 pm, Guessoun Meshi Trio composed of Majda Maria Guessous – singing and baglama, Iván Barvich – kaval, ney, tarogato, tambura, rig, vocals and David Gerzson Boros – darbuka, bendir, udu, doromb and vocals, will perform in Nová Synagóga Žilina.  Thanks to the singer’s Hungarian-Morrocan origins, the band tastefully combines seemingly disparate musical cultures. As the singer says: “During my singing  I am experiencing an original feeling of unity based on my deepest hope that breaks the barriers and opens the hearts. This leads me to a constant interest in musical traditions. ” Therefore you will be able to enjoy different musical cultures in her music, especially Hungarian, Turkish, Arabic and Indian music combined into a very interesting whole.

 A musical excursion into the world’s cultures has not finished yet. It will be enriched with a great Finnish songwriter, singer and musician Maija Kauhanen, also described as a one-woman band! Her expressive voice, inventive percussion accompaniment, polyrhythms, urban Finnish culture complemented by the traditional Finnish musical instrument of Kantel, are a guarantee of an unusual musical experience.

5th April 2019 Smer Music Klub

The last evening of the festival will be dedicated to a genuine Balkan dance.  This year the festival will be ended in Smer Club 77 at 8 pm by a Serbian 11-member band named Bojan Krstič Orchestra. This ensemble has performed at the biggest ethno festivals in the world and, as in the past years, a great deal of fun is guaranteed. The ensemble comes from the town of Vladičin Han located in the southern Serbia. For decades, this small town has been known as a home of the best brass bands and trumpet players of the whole Balkans. Great musicians coming from this city have become famous in the international music scene – they perform, record soundtracks, play in movies or theatre plays. Thanks to it, traditional local melodies became hits known all over the world. Their musical mastery and joy from playing is sheer contagious and it quickly rouses audiences at weddings, concerts or even at traditional events, not only in the Balkans. At the music competition of the well-known Guča festival which is also called Balkan’s Woodstock and which is annually visited by hundreds of thousands, the fantastic Bojan Krstić Orkestar won (in addition to many other awards) the Golden Trump Prize in 2015, the First Trump Prize, and the prize for the Best Orchestra. In 2016 they participated in the album Balkan Herbal Clinic of the German music group Mr. Zarko – concerts of these two bands were truly brilliant and added a new dimension and “juice” to the Balkan tones. Good news for all dance lovers. The festival will not be ended by the concerts in the evening. Dj. Potkan, known from the World Music sessions on Radio_FM and the festival’s Dj, will continue in the swirl of thrilling ethnic rhythms up to the late or early morning hours.

3rd April 2019 , Rosenfeldov Palác, 15:00
Michal Smetanka (SK)


 3rd April 2019, Stanica Záriečie S2, 19:00
Michal Smetanka (SK)

4th April 2019, Nová Synagóga Žilina, 19:00
Meshi Majda Maria Goussous Trio (Mar, Hu)
Maija Kauhanen (FI)

5th April 2019, Smerr music Club Žilina
Bojan Krstič Orkestar (SRB)