19.3. 2020      19:00 Mestské divadlo Žilina
 Mijaktiç Orkestar (CZ)
 Balkansambel (SK)
 Geišbergovci (SK)
 Euridika trio (BU)
 FS Rozsutec(SK)
20.3.  2020    20:00 Smer Music Club 77 Žilina 
 La3no Cubano (SK)
 Baro Drom Orkestar (IT)
 Malalata (SK)
20.3. 2020     10:00 ZŠ Karpatská ulica Žilina 
 Bubnovačka – worshop

World music will be welcomed in Žilina for the 6th time in a row, WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL ŽILINA IS COMING


In the second half of March, 19 and 20, various concert halls of Žilina will welcome top performers not only from abroad but also from the local world music scene. WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL ŽILINA which annually brings music based on traditions will continue again. This time round, in a new and innovative version.


  As it is customary for Žilina in spring, music lovers of different cultures can look forward to a festival full of quality and extremely colourful music. This year’s festival will focus mainly on “Balkan” music performed by bands that do not come from the Balkans.

The first day of the festival on March 19, 2020 at 7pm at the Žilina City Theatre will be dedicated to the band BALKANSAMBEL and its most important guests.

In 2020 the well-known Žilina band BALKANSAMBEL will celebrate its tenth anniversary. The festival dramaturgy will again make space for this extraordinary project and under the leadership of Marek Pastírik the festival will begin with a Gala Concert where the most important performers who have established their cooperation during the existence of the festival will be invited. The concert will be opened by an original Czech world music band MIJAKTIČ ORKESTAR presenting their own perspective and love for the Balkan musical tradition. Other performers who will join the above mentioned gala concert with BALKANSAMBEL on the stage of the Žilina City Theatre are Vocal female trio EURIDIKA TRIO from Bulgaria focusing on traditional Bulgarian singing, MARTIN GEIŠBERG in the project “On the Blue Planet” who together with Daniel Špiner and Marek Pastírik created a fusion of theatrical folk and Balkan boisterousness. In addition, a folklore ensemble ROZSUTEC in its project “Just like that“ will perform a unique connection of traditional Slovak folklore with the rhythms of the Balkan brass band spiced up by an impressive dance performance.

On the second day of the festival on March 20, 2020, the festival will move to Music Club 77 in Žilina.

The festival will continue in the lively rhythms of the Balkans even on the second day. Balkan dance rhythms will excite all dance lovers from 8 pm until the early morning.

The first to be introduced will be a Slovak multi-genre band LA3NO CUBANO performing since 2005. Its music is a well-mixed world music cocktail with a flavour of Slovak folklore. After that, an Italian band BARO DROM ORKESTAR will take the stage – four musicians who connect the Mediterranean music tradition with Eastern European temperamental rhythms. They also feature elements of Mongolian and Brazilian music. This fusion will not let anyone sit on their chairs.  As it is customary to do, the festival will be wrapped up by a DJ set. This time round by a pair of DJs known under the name MALALATA. They have been performing for 12 years on the scene and are a true synonym for a unique fusion of Balkan beats, gypsy music, reggae and world music.

The festival is also characteristic of its activities for the public. This year the workshops will focus on the smallest festival visitors. On March 20, BUBNOVAČKA (drumming session) will be held at the Karpatská Street Elementary School in Žilina under the leadership of the civic association Zvuky cez Ruky. It will provide space for musical creativity, communication and cooperation. Engaging young people in workshops where through a direct experience with rhythms using a variety of percussions can develop their perception, experience and acceptance of other cultures and art. Through this workshop they can experience the power of rhythm on their own skin.