Hudba sveta Žilina
World Music Žilina
15.-16. March

Hudba sveta Žilina

Hudba sveta Žilina

The international world music festival Hudba Sveta Žilina provides an opportunity for a live presentation of various musical cultures from all corners of the world. Its objective is to point to diversity and beauty of world music in the interpretation of excellent local and foreign musicians. Each evening will bring different music related to different culture or musical style. So far, the festival has brought such names as Relu and Zuralia Orchestra from Romania, Slovak Tango, the Serbian trio Balkan Strings, Ariel Ramirez Quintet and their Argentine tango, the French-Slovak band Roc´hann and their Breton music, the Armenians Karin Sarkisjan and David Yengibarian, Grodon Tama coming from New Zealand, Mira Awad from Israel,the Polish world music band Čači Vorba, the Hungarian duo Erika Kertéz and David Reschofsky, Jitka Šuranská and her unique interpretation of Czech folklore music, the Bulgarian vocal trio Evridika, the Slovak-Moldovan trio PaCoRa and last but not least Balkansambel - the hosting band. Besides performances, there will be musical workshops led by true masters of their craft - musicians performing at the festival. In 2017, the bandoneon workshop was led by Ariel Ramirez, another one presenting the Balkan tradition of wind instrument playing by the clarinetist Relu Balkan. This year's festival program will be equally rich. We are truly delighted that Balkan stars FANFARE CIOCARLIA as well as other excellent ensembles like Cimbaliband, Rusin Cendes Orchestra, BraAgas, Flaco de Nerja Flamenco Ensemble and the Rozsutec folklore ensemble have accepted our invitation. This year's workshop, prepared not only for young guitarist, but also for any curious person, will be led by the flamenco guitarist Falco de Nerja.


Fanfare Ciocărlia (Romania) is one of the most famous brass bands in the word performing unrestrained and lively Balkan music. Undoubtedly, they are one of the most remarkable bands within this musical genre. Their virtuosity, energy and creativity have brought them many fans from Melbourne, Tokio to Vroclav. Thanks to their fathers and grandfathers they have learned to play the music which was formed from generation to generation. Fanfare Ciocăia perceives each performance as a new challenge including the commitment to bring a lot of joy and happiness to their audience, as well as to share the authentic spirit of the still living Gypsy music.

The members come from Zece Prăjini, a small village located in the northeast of Romania. About 80 Gypsy families live there in harmony with nature and traditional style of agriculture. During the communist era, the village was totally isolated from the outside world. Maybe that it is why the tradition of brass band is still alive and accompanying each wedding and funeral.

In October 1996 a German music producer Henry Ernst came to Zece Prăjini and proposed some local musicians to form a band. They picked the band name Fanfare Ciocărlia - Fanfare is a French word which penetrates into the Romania language and defines a brass orchestra while Ciocărlia is a Romanian word meaning a lark. From the moment Ernst, who is their manager, discovered them, the band has already played about two thousand concerts in dozens of countries around the world. Since when they have been discovered by Ernst, their current manager, the band has already performed about two thousand gigs in dozens of countries all around the world. Their creativity, directness and openness along with a touch of musical insane appeal to punk music fans, demanding jazz experts, world music lovers, folk music lovers, and to all who are simply open to a good music. Even though they sing only in the Romanian dialect, their music allows them to communicate clearly and it becomes comprehensible throughout the world. No matter where they play, the audience is always enthusiastic.

The band has released 10 albums. Each of them has received recognition from both listeners and critics. The band has cooperated with many artists from different parts of the world (Puerto Candelaria - Colombia, Adrian Raso - Canada, Kodo Drummers - Japan, Boban & Marko Markovic - Serbia, Esma Redzepova - Macedonia, Transglobal Underground - UK, etc.). Their music has also appeared in movies like Head in the Wall by Fatih Akin, Crime Ferpekcyjna by Álexa de la Iglesia and even in Borat, as well as in many advertisings all around the world (IKEA, Louis Vuitton, Guinness, etc.).

In 2016 Fanfare Ciocărlia celebrated its 20th anniversary and it has performed about one thousand gigs in China, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Mexico, USA/Canada and so on.

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